by Gaelen Foley

April 2007
ISBN: 978-0-345-48011-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Gaelen Foley takes readers on an exotic trip into the wilds of India as Ian Prescott, the Marquess of Griffith, rescues the wild and bewitching Georgiana Knight from a rioting crowd angry at her for disturbing funeral rites. Their first momentous meeting sets the stage for the rest of the thrills and chills of the plot.

As a diplomat for the British government, Ian is set on creating peace and strengthening ties with the powerful Maharajah of Janpur. And as much as Georgiana wheedles and tries to get him to bring her along to the proceedings, he leaves her behind. Well, Georgiana is not about to stand for that! She makes her way to the palace of the Maharajah where fireworks of every kind are about to explode. Palace drama, family rivalry, tempestuous passion...and Ian and Georgiana are at the center of it at all.

But even while Ianís feelings for Georgiana grow and meld into respect, lust, and a dangerous caring, he knows he cannot allow the feelings to continue. Ian has a painful secret in his past that he has done everything in his power to hide, and by giving into emotion once again, he risks having that secret being unearthed. However, Ian hadnít counted on Georgianaís desire for him, her passion for him, or her everlasting love. He is, after all, Her Only Desire.

Her Only Desire is the beginning of a new trilogy for Gaelen Foley. Related to the Knight Miscellany portrayed in her previous stories, Georgiana and her two brothers definitely live up to the family name. Georgiana is a passionate, caring, and vibrant personality who meshes well with Ian. Though he seems a bit more staid, man of the law, and almost boring at first glance, rest assured, he is an intense character who matches Georgie wit for wit. There are many hidden layers of Ian just waiting to be discovered in Her Only Desire and Ms. Foley does not let readers down.

This is an exciting story that, while it lags somewhat in the middle, the vibrancy and love between Ian and Georgiana makes up for some of the more plodding plot moments. I canít wait to see what is in store for Georgianaís two rapscallion brothers! All in all, fans of the previous Knight adventures will definitely find this book a worthy addition to the series.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Sarah.

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