by Lisa Kleypas

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-312-35162-5
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Texas born and bred, Liberty Jones has lead a difficult life. Half-Mexican, half-white and raised in a trailer park in Welcome, Texas, Liberty had no one besides her mama to rely on. Thankfully, two special people come into her life. Libertyís younger sister, Carrington, and Hardy Cates, a bad-boy raised in the trailer park. His touch excites the teenaged Liberty, but he cautions her it can go no further. He has big plans and canít afford any ties to Liberty now. Hurt but understanding, Liberty watches him ride off into the sunset, not knowing if sheíll ever see him again.

But time canít stand still and Liberty has ends to meet now that her mama has passed away. Liberty has strength in her soul and determination in her brain and sheíll do whatever it takes to make a real home for Carrington, her best friend, sister, and almost-daughter rolled into one. Moving to Houston, new opportunities and new loves await Liberty as she mingles with a wealthy and prosperous world she has never encountered before. But Liberty has what it takes to succeed and nothing will stop her now.

Written in the first person, Lisa Kleypasí first foray into contemporary romance is an impressive effort and itís all because of Liberty Jones. This is one woman who lets nothing stand in her way of making a better life for herself, and her sister. Texas, that brash and glorious state, fits Libertyís adventure to a tee, and Ms. Kleypas subtly inserts fun Texas facts, opinions, and lore into the story which makes Libertyís adventure all that much more grand.

The men in this story are nothing to scoff at either. Kleypas is a master at creating arrogant but lovable male leads and Sugar Daddy features several great ones, but ultimately, this is Libertyís story. Readers will root for her, cry with her, and commiserate with her as she handles every test life throws at her.

While I canít say Sugar Daddy will become my new favorite Kleypas novel, itís easy to see that Lisa Kleypas has moved smoothly and surely into contemporary romance with a voice that will make readers stand up and take notice. Sugar Daddy is fun, fancy, and likable reading.

Reviewed in February 2007 by Sarah.

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