by Tricia Goyer

ISBN: 978-0802467676
Reviewer Graphic Button Moody Publishers
Trade Paperback

Sophie Grace is an artist in Spain—but she isn’t there to paint. She came to be with her beloved, Michael, and to marry him while she is there. But when she arrives, she finds that admittance from France to Spain is denied, because Spain was at war. Sophie gets some help from a man who claimed to be an American reporter, and they are able to sneak across the borders. But now that Sophie is in Spain and with her beloved Michael, she’s discovering that all is not as it seems. Michael is loving, but elusive, especially about a woman named Maria. And Michael’s best friend, Jose, hints that Michael is keeping secrets from Sophie as well.

The civil war is heating up between Spanish patriots and Nazi-backed Francho forces, and soon things are heating up. Michael disappears and Sophie is devastated. The American reporter who helped Sophie sneak across the borders is showing up in strange places. And when Sophie needs rescuing, an American soldier named Philip comes to her aid. As Sophie struggles in war torn Spain, she must sift truth from lies as the war threatens her life and breaks her heart…

A Valley of Betrayal takes its readers back to the little known war that began World War II, the Spanish Civil War. I’ve fallen in love with Tricia Goyer’s characters in her World War II books, and looked forward to this one. At first, I was disappointed because A Valley of Betrayal is not WWII, but pre-WWII. I also didn’t sense the same passion in this book as in Ms. Goyer’s previous stories. However, as the story progressed, I began to fall in love with Sophie and her Michael, and with Phillip and his friend Attis. I hoped Sophie would be able to stay safe and get what her heart desired—true love.

A Valley of Betrayal is the first book in Ms. Goyer’s new series, Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War. If you, like me, know nothing about this war, you will be in for a history lesson as well as an enjoyable read. I thoroughly enjoyed A Valley of Betrayal, and highly recommend it to all those who enjoy historical fiction.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Laura.

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