by W. Dale Cramer

February 2007
ISBN: 978-0764229961
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Mick Brannigan is a manís man. A construction worker whoís changed his share of diapers, but is horrified when his wife suggests that he quit his job to stay home with their son, Dylan, when he is expelled from day care due to inappropriate behavior. Mick has to work. If someone has to stay home with the kids, why canít it be Layne?

But then a series of freak accidents, which are sort of his fault, but not completely his fault, occur, leaving Mick hospitalized and jobless. Itís the answer to Layneís prayers. But not Mickís. When heís released from the hospital he goes out job hunting and lands a job cutting down a neighborís treeÖ a job which goes horribly (and humorously) wrong.

But housekeeping isnít Mickís strong pointóhe scrubs the floor when it pulls his socks off. He cleans the refrigerator when they run out of leftover dishes. Will this family survive Mick as a stay-at-home dad? Will their marriage?

Summer of Light is a book Iíve had on my wish-list since Iíve heard it was coming out, and I was so thrilled when I got it to review. I fell in love with D. Cramerís work when I read Bad Ground and later Leviís Will.

Mick is a strong character and heís definitely a southern, rural male. I could understand him and his mind-set well. Layne was a little harder to identify with. In many ways sheís Mickís exact opposite, and I donít think Mr. Cramer did as well developing her character as he did with Mick. The secondary characters were well drawn out and easily identified with.

Summer of Light is a book the Cramer fans will not want to miss. Excellent male characterization, a strong setting, and faith message that is important. Mick also had issues of reverse discrimination to work through which was a strong part of the story. Pick up Summer of Light today.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Laura.

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