by Kristin Billerbeck

April 2007
ISBN: 978-1-5914-5508-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Thomas Nelson
Trade Paperback

Sarah Claire Winowski will never make it in her small Wyoming town. There Sarah’s known as the daughter of the prostitute, an alcoholic bartender who spends more time passed out drunk than taking care of her daughter. But several church ladies there love Sarah, and make sure she’s sent off to Hollywood to find her dreams.

Sarah’s cousin, Scott, takes her in and immediately starts trying to dress her stylish. After all, he’s landed her a job in a posh hair salon, but the only catch is that Scott lied to get her the job. He told her new boss that she worked for an upscale New York salon.

But Sarah’s new boss isn’t fooled. At the initial interview, he calls Sarah on all the lies Scott told and Sarah knew she’d be walking out without a job. But she is hired, but not as a stylist, but a goofer. Sarah has gone from pin curls and perms to sweeping up hair, lowering toilet lids, and fetching coffee for the stars. Can a talented hairdresser from the sticks make it in image obsessed L.A.? Can she find true love in a town that is so completely fake?

Split Ends is the latest and greatest book by Kristin Billerbeck. She had me from page one and I couldn’t put the book down. Even though Sarah came from what some would consider ‘white trash’ beginnings, she had the determination and drive to try and make something of herself, and to break free from her humble beginnings. I was instantly sympathetic to Sarah and wished her the best in California.

I read this book through in a day, it was that good. Nothing else got done. I actually squealed in one spot (it is rare that I have that kind of reaction to a book.) And I laughed out loud in several spots. Split Ends is probably the best Kristin Billerbeck book I’ve read, and I’ve read (and loved) them all so far.

Reviewed in August 2007 by Laura.

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