by J. R. Ward

March 2007
ISBN: 978-0-451-41235-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Onyx
Mass Market Paperback

Butch O’Neal may have stumbled into the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by accident but meeting Marissa was his destiny. She is everything he could ever want or need in a partner but she is a vampire and he is human. The proverbial Romeo and Juliet.

An ex-homicide detective Butch has lived a hard life. With the Brothers he feels he has finally found his place, his true purpose. With Marissa he finally feels, period. She is the very heart and soul of him, and she is so far out of his league it is not funny. If he can’t have her at least he can protect her by fighting side by side with the Brotherhood against their mortal enemies the Lessers.

When Butch sacrifices himself to save a civilian vampire from the Lessers and is gravely wounded and left for dead he comes face to face with the greatest weapon the Lessers have in their arsenal. And it will take a strong love to save him.

The temptation to share even more of the plot to this book was overwhelming. However, good sense prevailed. That means you will have to find out for yourself what drives Butch to be the man he is and what happens between Marissa and him. As well as how the Brotherhood is handling the aftermath of the tragic events of Lover Awakened. So much happens in this book that you will feel as though you’ve run for miles, breathless and exhilarated. If you are new to the series, brace yourself for an amazing addictive experience. If you are already addicted to this series, you know what to expect—hot sex, hair raising action, and shocking revelations. J.R. Ward blows me away with every new addition to this series.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Cynthia.

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