by Jenna Petersen

January 2007
ISBN: 0-06-113808-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jenna Petersen brings us the second book in her Lady Spies series. Desire Never Dies is Anastasiaís story.

Lady Anastasia Whittig is a true lady in every sense. She has beauty, whit and charm, but she is also an absolute master at code-breaking. Though she has never operated in the field, her expertise in decoding information and her hidden talents at inventing new gadgets that help save her sister spies, are just as invaluable. Now, Ana is faced with her first true, in-the-field mission. To uncover who is behind the attacks and murders or fellow spies, both male and female. The only problem is, she has to pair up with one of Englandís greatest spies and he is the most overbearing, arrogant man she has ever met.

Master spy Lucas Tyler has never been one to work with a partner, especially not a female one. But when faced with no alternative than to partner up with Ana, he relinquishes, but not gracefully. How is he ever going to concentrate on the case with this beauty beside him? And she has never been in the field, to boot. Heís going to be too busy to try and keep her safe and out of danger. This is never going to work.

But, work together they do and they also find that they canít keep their hands off each other, no matter how hard they try and fight the attraction.

An A-#1 plot, wonderfully written characters and hot steamy love scenes, what more could you want in your romance? Oh, and let's not forget the secondary characters who lend a helping hand to the body of the story. Ms. Petersen writes with passion and her attention to detail is what makes her one of romances finest writers.

This is a real page turner and a definite keeper for your romance collection.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Debbie.

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