by Julianne MacLean

January 2007
ISBN: 0-06-081936-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Evelyn Fosterís life almost ended at the age of ten. However, thanks to the help of Lord Martin Langdon, her life was spared. Their lives, so intertwined as children, become even more tangled when Evelyn and a friend spy Martin in his dorm room...with a woman! Certainly not proper behavior for two young ladies, but for Martin, it meant yet another mark against his reputation as a careless rakehell.

Ten years later, Evelyn, now a wealthy widow, is considered one of the prizes to be won at the infamous Cowes sailing week. The major competitors: Lord Breckinridge and two-time Cowes champion, the charismatic Lord Martin Langdon. When Martin gets word of the wealthy widow that is immune to flirtations, his competitorís spirit is raised instantly. When he discovers that Mrs. Wheaton is none other than Evelyn Foster, he canít help but be amused. Though he has no intentions of marrying, heís excited at the prospect of flirting and teasing the woman who always turned her nose up at him.

Evelyn isnít about to give into Martin, but in her heart, she canít help responding to his teasing and tempting. Can a woman who has always lived by the rules finally give free reign to her own desires?

Surrender to a Scoundrel successfully winds passion and romance into a combustible combination. Lord Martin is a scamp of a flirt but he has depth that is slowly revealed as he grows closer to Evelyn. His instinct is to continually hide his true feelings behind his personable society faÁade, but as he discovers, he canít do that with Evelyn.

I really enjoyed watching Evelyn being wooed in such an unconventional fashion. She recognized she was a catch and instead of taking a more sedate and safe route of just finding a husband right away, she let herself have some fun as widows are wont to do. She throws the rules out the window and embraces Martinís escapism, and in the process they both learn the tragedies and hopes of giving in to pleasure.

Julianne MacLean had me captivated and the rich details of sailing life at Cowes added an impressive layer of history and spice to the romance. Sail away on a sloop of pleasure, love, and temptation in Surrender to a Scoundrel.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Sarah.

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