by Catherine Coulter

August 2000
ISBN: 1-55166-637-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

This delightful novel revisits the lives of Dr. Elliot Mallory and his supermodel wife George, now hugely pregnant. Georgeís friend Chelsea Lattimer is single, and George sets her up with Dr. David Winter, a colleague of Elliotís. Do they have one single thing in common? Not really, but that doesnít stop the fireworks from exploding between them.

Chelsea writes historical romances, and David thinks theyíre hysterical! Chelsea is self-sufficient and liberated; David is from a New England background that emphasizes the place of a woman in the home and family unit. Fortunately for us, Catherine Coulter is extraordinarily skilled in taking mismatched characters and bringing them together with passion and sensuality, and that certainly is true here.

Who does the compromising? Well, as in all good relationships, both do, and yet in many ways neither does! Itís a funny, realistic, charming look at the clash of two cultures, and yet beneath it all, there is the basic human need to find a mate. David is a perfect hero, very alpha to begin with, yet able to appreciate a nicely shaped bottom when he sees one! Chelsea recognizes a hero come to life, but isnít sure if she can trust one even though she creates them all the time!

This is a relatively short novel, but each page is full of fun and delightful discoveries. If you can pick this one up along with its predecessor, Aftershocks, which is reviewed elsewhere on this site, then go for it ó together they make a super read! Publishers please note... bundle these two stories together, and youíll have a winning book!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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