by Harper Allen

October 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51423-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #109
Mass Market Paperback

The Crosse Triplets have a few surprises ahead of them as author Harper Allen makes the introductions in Dressed to Slay. The first surprise is very unpleasant. Their fiancées come home from a stag party not only drunk, but dead – or rather, undead. Finding themselves as the snack for a vampire after-party, the girls fight off their attackers with table legs and bed posts, wondering what the hell has happened.

That little problem is just the beginning.

Their long-lost grandfather appears with a fantastic story. They are descendants of a long line of slayers and it is time for them to accept their fate. One of them will slay vampires, one of them will see the future, and one of them, unfortunately, was bitten as an infant and will become the enemy.

Megan Crosse is afraid she may be the “bad” sister. Grandfather Darkheart’s shape-shifting companion Mikhail Vostoroff says she smells of vampire. As if she is going to believe anything Cujo has to say. He is always trying to get in her face, and keep her away from her sisters.

Dressed to Slay started off awkwardly for me. I had a hard time drumming up enthusiasm for the Crosse sisters and their legacy. I think it was because they appeared to be the cover girls for Spoiled Princess magazine. They needed a good shake, and Grandfather Darkheart delivered it in fine fashion. But do I really care who is the slayer, who is the seer and who is the stake-bait? Only time will tell when the next Darkheart & Crosse story comes along.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Paula.

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