by Carol Stephenson

October 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51424-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #110
Mass Market Paperback

As events continue to unfold in the Madonna Key series, author Carol Stephenson brings us Shadow Lines, a story focusing on epidemiologist Eve St. Giles. Eve has always known that she has an empathic talent. Those skills have served her well in the past when she has been able to steer unsuspecting people to have their illnesses treated. But the gift has always kept Eve distant from other people, even her family.

A desperate phone call from her sister has Eve on edge when her boss from the European Center for Disease Control calls with her next assignment – to investigate the outbreak of illness at a resort in Switzerland – the same place her sister called from. Arriving in the devastated town, Eve’s fears are realized. Her sister is dead. It will be up to Eve to find out what killer her, and how to stop the outbreak from spreading.

When Eve learns that this was not a simple infection, but bio-terrorism, she must team up with Nicholas Petter, a former Swiss Guard member who was also her ex-lover. They must race across Europe on the trail of a deadly team who appear to be targeting women.

The Madonna Key series has become a compelling read. As the clues continue be revealed, readers learn more and more about the mysterious group of women known as the Marians, and their connection to the Black Madonna. We also learn the identity of Myrddin, and why his own family may be behind the evil events. The pace is building and I cannot wait until the action-packed series comes to a final conclusion.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Paula.

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