by Pat White

October 2006
ISBN: 0-505-52666-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

DEA agent Jason McBain had a new assignment. He knew his boss had it in for him but to send him undercover as a pro-wrestler named Jack the Stripper was a new low. If it weren’t for the promotion he wanted and deserved, Jason would have told his boss what to do with the case. As it was he must join the BAM wrestling roster to find out who was distributing steroids. He couldn’t help but wonder if he was in over his head. After all, he’d never wrestled before much less stripped for a crowd.

Pro-wrestling had been a part of Sandy Ryan’s family life for years. She cared about the men who put their bodies on the line night after night with few time off periods in between. She’d do whatever needed to help them heal from their injuries but that was where it ended. Sandy had learned from first hand experience that to become involved with a wrestler meant heartbreak and pain. She was off limits. Sandy heard the things said about her but she didn’t care enough to change her rules.

The first time Sandy saw Jack the Stripper he was brandishing a pink stiletto for a weapon. She recognized the pride and stubbornness in Jack and felt it her duty to help him learn the ropes...when not in the squared circle. The attraction she felt for Jack knocked her for a loop, leaving her breathless as if she’d been body slammed. Jack was a man she had to keep a close eye on if she planned on sticking to her rules. But then everyone knew that rules were meant to be broken.

Love on the Ropes by Pat White is an enjoyable read. The secondary characters are a treat and the behind the scenes look at the world of wrestling is fascinating. This is my first book by Ms. White but I fully intend to read more.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Rho.

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