by Merline Lovelace

October 1995
ISBN: 0-373-07669-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #669
Mass Market Paperback

Paige Lawrence is about to be married in a week to a wonderful, loving man, but he’s a man who holds back from her. He keeps his emotions in check and she feels that he needs someone who can make him lose control, even if that woman is someone else. Wanting adventure, Paige leaves California for Cannes so that she can track down her fiancée, engineer David Jensen, a world-renowned expert in electronics, and make him see that a marriage between them would never work.

David Jensen is in Cannes for another reason besides attending a symposium. He is part of an elite team called OMEGA, in which members lead another life, and go undercover for the safety of their country. “Doc” is known for his ability to make lists and randomly making connections that others have yet to think of, he is also the one who can easily compartmentalize his life. He is thrown for a curve when he realizes that his Paige is the woman who was taken, believed to be a smuggler, and he will do anything that he can to get her back. But his surprise at finding her safe on his doorstep is overshadowed by her change in demeanor and learning that she wants to break off their engagement.

Paige finally has the chance to show David that she can be the woman he needs and that she isn’t a little mouse, someone to be coddled and protected. Seeing that people believe her to be the smuggler, she insists that she play the role, even against David’s better judgement. Danger and espionage, love and war, truth and fiction, will David and Paige ever be the same again and will they be able to work out their differences, or will a diabolical madman’s sick plan tear them apart?

Undercover Man is part of the “Code Name: Danger” series that was written by Merline Lovelace that I so enjoy! Filled with mystery and danger, the protagonists must battle an enemy while falling in love. Fast paced and expertly written, Undercover Man easily made its way onto my keeper shelf. Paige is sweet and gentle, but she is such a strong woman and watching her break out of that “delicate” mold was great. David has his life set into little boxes, and Paige manages to force him to realize that everything, including people, can’t be put away into such a rigid standard. We are introduced to other characters, especially the blossoming feelings that Maggie, another agent, has towards the chief director, Adam. Getting a whiff of another romance always makes me happy! Undercover Man is the third book in this series, though it’s my favorite, and the next book, Perfect Double, has Maggie and Alex’s story.

If you’re looking for danger and romance, you really can’t go wrong with this book and series. Please be warned: if you’re going to get this story, make sure you get Perfect Double too--trust me! LOL

Reviewed in September 2002 by Thea.

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