by Nancy Block

April 1995
ISBN: 0-06-108366-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

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Once Upon A Pirate is one of my absolute favorite stories of all time, and I have six copies to prove it! LOL

Zoe Dunham readily admits that she needs a vacation. Her ex-husband is obsessed with finding his ancestorsí hidden treasure, and while Zoe could care less, she is worried about the father of her children. So she goes to visit him and her life is never going to be the same. Thrown back in time to an era where pirates roamed the seas and war is at hand, Zoe doesnít believe that the man in front of her is Captain Black Jack Alexander, a.k.a. Winn. At first, Zoe believes that itís all an elaborate hoax put on by her ex-husband to win her back, but soon realizes that itís not a joke, she really is on a pirate ship during the War of 1812, with a sinfully sexy pirate that wants her b-a-d!

Once Upon A Pirate has everything that I love in a romance novel; strong, well-written characters, sexy escapades, and light-hearted fun! Zoe doesnít conveniently forget her children on her adventure through time, but she doesnít constantly obsess over them either! I found her actions/thoughts about her children to be very believable and balanced. There are some corny passages and some purple prose, but it fits perfectly within the story. Ms. Block doesnít take her story too seriously - sheís put some passages in here that will make you laugh out loud, just because they are in fact, corny and contrived. Both main characters are flawed, they have issues that they need to deal and help each other with, so this story isnít all light-hearted fun. Zoe just seems so real, a true contemporary woman being thrown back into time. Iíve always felt that I would have acted the same in Zoeís shoes, which is maybe why this story is so dear to me, and why Iím easily able to connect with the characters.

Once Upon A Pirate is a story that I would very highly recommend. In fact, when loaning someone a book to read, this is the first book I think of!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Thea.

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