by Dee Holmes

September 1994
ISBN: 0-373-07591-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #591
Mass Market Paperback

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Amanda Delinski grew up with bodyguards; Thorne Law was her personal guard until she turned 21 and disastrously declared her love for him. Thorne, believing he knew what was best, brutally rejected her and quit the family’s employ to form his own security firm, insuring that they would never again see each other.

It's been ten long years, but now Amanda is being stalked and terrorized and Thorne has come back to protect her and find the stalker. Our two leads never expected to see each other again, and to be thrown unexpectedly together has Amanda fighting her unrequited feelings of love for Thorne, and has Thorne wishing to get the job finished and over with before Amanda has him wanting things he knows he can't have. Close proximity, stolen kisses, and moonlit nights. Amanda and Thorne can't stop the inevitable, one sexy night of passion, but then Thorne rejects her again. Amanda knows that Thorne is an expert protector, but who will protect her rejected heart?

The cat-and-mouse threats are becoming more terrifying and the stalker is becoming more daring and dangerous. Can Amanda and Thorne find the stalker before it's too late? Will Amanda and Thorne dare to put the past behind them so they can have a future?

Watched is a romance novel that shows how past actions can shape your personality and future. Dee Holmes has created a story that has a nice blend of romance and suspense, with strong, emotional characters that you can empathize with, ones that you hope will be able to come together for their “happily ever after”. Watched is one of my favorite “keeper” stories and I hope that you are able to find a copy at a local used book store!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Thea.

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