by Alecia Monaco

September 2006
ISBN: 1-59596-456-8
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Jade Simons is a wedding planner for vampires. She seems to be the only one that caters to them to plan their weddings. Not everyone was up to speed on what vampires can and canít have at a wedding and that included the florist. Not everyone worked the evening hours after dusk/dark to see to their needs.

It seems that instead of the bride and groom planning their wedding, it is the best man, Renaldi D`Aria, instead. From the moment he stepped into her office she was attracted to him. But she wasnít sure if the feelings were her own or if it was the pull of the vampire lure.

Jade and Renaldi did all the things that the bride and groom should be doing to plan the wedding from taste testing wedding cakes to tasting different synthetic blood to checking out the honeymoon suite. Everyone would be accommodated to their own preferences at the wedding reception.

Ms. Monaco has given us a story that is fairly quick to read. Take two people that are attracted to each other and throw in a vampire empress to cause havoc for these two. Just how will these two, one human and one vampire, bridge the gap between them to finally have the love they have always wanted.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pam.

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