by Heather Reilly

January 2007
ISBN: 1-58749-568-6
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Anna is an undercover policewoman in a specialized unit and works mostly protecting people. Her latest job involves protecting a high school student, Hilary. She is hired by Hilary's brother who is a top business man who has had threats made against him and his family.

When Anna meets Kel, Hilary's brother, it is love/hate at first sight between them.

I found it a bit irritating that while Anna claimed she was the best in her field just looking at Kel's rear end could prove a distraction and she had just met the man.

The love/hate relationship between them is portrayed well in each chapter and yet I found it hard to get into the characters, they just did not gel with me and I found my interest waning quite often.

The plot was quite good but I kept getting sidetracked by the feeling between the two main characters, and kept losing the thread of the suspense. I felt that I would have preferred the book to have been a bit longer so that the relationship between Kel and Anna could have moved a little slower and that way the suspense would have come across stronger.

I would like to read other books by Heather Reilly if they had more pages to see her having longer to explore relationships as when Anna and Kel were having a meal together they did gel good

I can only give this a 3.5 roses as it didn't hold my interest enough to give it a higher grade. It is still worth a read as of course readers will disagree and get more from the book than I did.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Mary.

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