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November 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-8047-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Four couples find love over the holidays.

The Christmas Stocking by Fern Michaels—Amy Bryan agrees to take some time away from her thriving business in New York, to help her mother’s Senior’s group sell Christmas trees and other holiday crafts, since the Moss Christmas tree farm in Fairfax, Virginia, has ceased production. California Architect, Gus Moss, is partial owner of the tree farm, and he has no idea his father has let the farm die, until former neighbors visit and tell him. Gus returns home, ready to fight to save the farm. When Amy’s and Gus’s paths cross, sparks fly. Will Amy be able to sell the trees her mother ordered if Gus gets the tree farm running again?

Ghost of Christmas Past by Beverly Barton—Kate Hadley wrecks her late husband’s car while driving through the Great Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, during a snowstorm. Former Army Ranger, Mack MacKinnon, rescues her. Kate is not yet over her husband’s death, yet she is attracted to her rescuer. When they are trapped in Mack’s cabin, sexual sparks fly, but is what they feel lust, or true love?

Twelve Deserts of Christmas by JoAnne Fluke—Julie Jansen has to stay at the school during the Christmas holidays to watch six kids who have no place to go for Christmas. Matt Sherwood was elected to stay with the boys. Julie and Matt have a relationship already, and it’s hopefully proceeding toward marriage…but the boys have decided to break them up. Will their relationship survive the holidays?

Twelve Days by Shirley Jump—Natalie Harris has the perfect gift in mind for Christmas. Jake Lyons. Jake Lyons is her new boss, and he is a real hottie. Best of all, he seems to care for the homeless and volunteers his time there just like Natalie does. When Natalie draws Jake’s name for Secret Santa exchanges, she starts writing him hot love notes, letting him know how much she wants him. But he thinks the gifts and cards are from someone else, and so he’s pursing the sexy new receptionist. Will Natalie win the man she wants, or will she be forced to resign in embarrassment?

SUGAR AND SPICE is the collection of four modern day romances set during the Christmas season. I enjoyed The Christmas Stocking and Twelve Days more than the other romances in the book, Twelve Deserts of Christmas didn’t really seem to have much of a plot to it at all, it was mostly focused on the twelve different desserts that the ones stranded at the school ordered for the break. Recipes are included in Twelve Deserts of Christmas that sound totally yummy. I’m copying some of them down to try. That alone would be a good reason to pick up the book. All in all, I think SUGAR AND SPIC is a good read and well worth your money. Christmas romances…and deserts. What could be better? Pick up SUGAR AND SPICE while you can. You won’t be sorry.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Laura.

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