by Debbie Macomber

September 2002
ISBN: 1-55166-929-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

Grace Sherman files for divorce five months after her husband, Dan Sherman, vanishes without a trace. They have been married for nearly 36 years and have two daughters, Maryellen and Kelley.

Maryellen is divorced and works in an art gallery. She has been attracted to a brilliant photographer, Jon Bowman, for a while but never wanted a relationship other than business acquaintance. Jon is a chef in an Italian restaurant and a freelance artist. He works on his photography in his leisure time and his photos always sold well in the gallery. Maryellen promises to introduce Jon to another woman friend in a Halloween get-together but ends up in Jonís arms herself in a slow dance.

Kelley is happily married with his husband, Paul, and has a new baby boy, Taylor. Kelley always believes that her father will return to the family upon Thanksgiving. When she discovers that her mother, Grace, is seeing Cliff Harding, a man Grace met in the local restaurant, she is not happy about it.

There are also other characters that you have previously met in 16 Lighthouse Road. Grace's best friend (also the Family Court judge in Cedar Cove), Olivia Lockhart, has a boyfriend, Jack Griffin, who has to face and mend his relationship with his own son, Eric. There's also Oliviaís daughter, Justine, who marries Seth Gunderson on impulse; and another couple, Zach and Rosemary Coxís divorce....

204 Rosewood Lane is a continuation of Debbie Macomberís last book 16 Lighthouse Road in her Cedar Cove Series. Love, marriage, life and relationships are the elements within this series.

This book has a lot to offer. Although the book is centered around Grace - how she handles her life after the disappearance of her husband, how she discovers the secrets of her daughter, Maryellen, etc., there are clearly more stories that are involved other than Grace's personal life. There is no limitation of how many books following this series as Ms. Macomber states on her website.

If you are going to follow this series, there will be more you could look forward to but it is recommended to read the series starting with the first book, 16 Lighthouse Road, as there are unsolved matters that will not be answered until you read the following book. Happy Reading!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Rose.

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