by Jane Graves

September 2001
ISBN: 0-8041-1968-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Better known for her category romance titles under the name of Jane Sullivan, Jane Graves' I Got You, Babe, her debut single title release, is a very enjoyable surprise.

On the run from the police and one mean bounty hunter, stuck with a broken down car, no money and no spare clothes, Renee Esterhaus needs to hitch a ride. And what better way to do it in the middle of Texas than offering a country hick a long and hot night of mind-blowing sex; too bad that the guy is John DeMarco, not a farmer, but a tough and edgy cop on a forced vacation. After lying to him, stealing and shooting his car, Renee finds herself held captive with sparks flying in anger and sexual tension.

I Got You, Babe is a fast paced story laced with constant action and witty dialogue. It had me in giggles from the first page and groaning in embarrassment more than once. Minor characters add, in their over the top mannerisms and stereotypical behaviour, more than enough comic flavour. Jane Graves has got a way of creating characters with only a few well-placed strokes, making them lively and vivid. Some characters may not be deep but definitely very entertaining.

I adored Renee; she is a believable true to life character with a past that makes her less squeaky clean and more approachable. There is her love for ice cream at night, her lack of scruples in using her assets and the ability to kick ass when needed. It was just as well that she found herself one hot looking protector in John DeMarco. Oh, and then there is this ongoing fascination with a pair of handcuffs....

I really loved this book. I loved it for its not-so-perfect heroine, for a hero that is trying so very hard to appear tough only to fail when around his lady and for a sexual tension that is not just based on good looks but on trust. Yep, it is a very funny book, but it doesn't neglect addressing the very sad and painful upbringing of its characters. It's a book about friendship, trust, and the need for a close family and faith in loved ones.

Reviewed in September 2001 by Kris Alice.

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