by Jacquelyn Frank

December 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-8065-4
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Mass Market Paperback

They have always existed with humans, the races that live in shadows, preferring the darkness. Collectively known as the Nightwalkers, they include vampires, shapeshifters and demons. Author Jacquelyn Frank brings us a fresh new series set in this world.

Jacob has been the Enforcer for centuries. A thankless task, it falls to him to insure that other demons obey the law. This is particularly difficult during Samhain and Beltane, when their primitive natures come to the forefront. The law forbids harming humans, and Jacob must use all of his power to keep the innocent safe. Unfortunately, this role has left him isolated, even from his own kind.

Librarian Isabella Russ is stargazing, or rather moongazing, from her apartment window when she sees a well-dressed man, walking alone on the street below. His clothes and demeanor clearly mark him as an outsider in this working-class neighborhood, and as they exchange a few words, she loses her balance on the sill, plunging five stories into the darkness. Instead of hitting the pavement, she finds herself safe in the arms of the stranger. Once she gets a good look at his face, her terror is replaced with awe. He is amazingly handsome, almost beautiful, and holding her at least ten feet off the ground! As Bella struggles to absorb all of this, a premonition comes over her, a sensation of danger that Jacob feels compelled to locate. It is the start of an amazing adventure that will change the destiny of demon kind.

I cannot say enough good things about this new series. Ms. Frank has created an intriguing alternate universe populated with some fascinating people. While we are starting with demons, I can easily envision future books for other Nightwalker species, and cannot wait for the next installment. Paranormal fans who relish a new twist in their novels should be sure to pick up a copy of The Nightwalkers: Jacob. It is a keeper.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Paula.

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