by Kimberly Raye, Roxanne St. Claire, Debra Webb

November 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77156-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Kimberly Raye starts off this anthology with Ladies, Start Your Engines. Savannah Calloway used to work for her father at Calloway Motor Sports in the accounting and marketing departments. Only that isnít the place she wanted to be. She wanted to be a mechanic and did work on the cars when her father wasnít around. But since he thought it was time for her to settle down and get married, he fired her. Yep, her own father fired her. Now she goes to the only man that she knows will help her, Mackenzie Briggs, another NASCAR driver and on another team. But will Savannah get what she is looking for when she goes to Mac? The recognition she deserves, the job that she wants and of course, the man that she loves? Will she finally stand up for herself to help her achieve her goals?

Up next is Roxanne St. Claire with `Tis the Silly Season. Take one desperate divorced single mom who wants to give her sons their first Christmas ever and a driver that is looking to go from the Busch series to the Cup series. But in order to do that it will take having a wife and 2.5 kids. Can these two come together to pull off a pretend marriage with an eight year old and a six year old in tow? Will they be able to convince the sponsor that Clay is the driver for the other team they want to put together? While doing all of this will these two give into the temptation that is there from the first time they met? And just how do the two boys play into the scheme of things?

Debra Webb ends the anthology with Unbreakable. Someone is out to make Russell Jackson look bad, trying to portray him as a drinker and a womanizer. Only that is far from the truth. So what does an owner do but try to get Russ some good publicity and NASCAR as well. So he enlisted the help of an institution to provide the evidence that NASCAR was a sport and that everyone was an athlete. Things are exactly what Russ thought and Dr. Max Gray isnít what he was expecting. Dr. Max Gray is really Dr. Maxine Gray and it was already decided before Russ picked her up at the airport that the doctor would stay at his familyís house with him and his mother. Since she was going to evaluate him and what did he each day to keep in shape and his routine, as well as the other people on the team. The attraction between Max and Russ is there from the beginning but neither of them was sure that the other was interested. They didnít have anything in common.

If you are looking for a book with a lot of scenes happening on the track then this is not a book for you. This is what happens more off the track and behind the scenes of the races and the crew. Only one of the stories has a couple that has known each other before they finally give into each other for the long haul. The other two stories are about finding the one when you least expect it or even think you have time for it in your schedules. A NASCAR Holiday is for any and all NASCAR fans and even those who arenít quite into the sport of drivers racing cars around in circles. The sport is fast-paced and so are the stories. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pam.