by Jessica Bird

August 2002
ISBN: 0-8041-1988-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Please welcome to your keeper shelf Jessica Bird and her debut release Leaping Hearts, a delightful story of horses, love and passion. A story that will touch your heart and will leave you wanting for more of the same.

A.J. Sutherland knows a winner when she sees one and spends a small fortuneóall her savingsóon a horse with a reputation of being wild and unpredictable. Her rich and reputable family refuses to be associated with her stallion and sends her packing. The only chance A.J. has now to win one of the most prestigious races is to persuade equestrian legend Devlin McCloud to provide her and her horse with a much needed home and training.

After a tragic accident, Devlin became a recluse. But spirited and beautiful A.J. and her horse are impossible to resist. A.J. might be unknowingly spoiled when she leaves her family behind, but she grows under Devlinís care. She grows into a woman that deserves to win anything she puts her heart into, even when it means going against Devlinís wish to keep their relationship a professional one.

Jessica Birdís characters leap of the pages with a passion for life and love that left me breathless. Her hero and heroine are very honest in their feelings and not afraid to express them. Loved them! Of course, it always helps when the hero is wounded and a recluse. Nothing like bringing a tall, handsome and very sexy man back into a life of love andÖerÖsex. (grin)

A.J. and Devlin are beautiful people, not just physically but even more so in their souls. They are both strong in going against expectations and overcoming the odds. They are brave in holding onto each other and risking their hearts. One has to admire them. Well, I did!

Leaping Hearts is a beautiful coming-of-age story and itís hard to believe that this is Jessica Birdís debut release. Itís a pleasure to read, comforting in its love and riveting in its passion and excitement. Jessica Birdís is a strong new writing voice that should be just as good or maybe even better with her upcoming Spring 2003 release, Heart Of Gold. Canít wait!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Kris Alice.

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