by Cherry Adair

September 2002
ISBN: 0804120013
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Providing an awesome mix of adventure, sex, sun and love in the exotic setting of a tropical island, Cherry Adair’s latest release In Too Deep is one more book to go up on the keeper shelf.

It’s ex-Navy Seal Michael Wright’s story. Out to avenge his friend’s death as well as the accident that caused him the loss of his eye and his career, Michael is keeping one eye (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) on his archenemy’s daughter, Tally Crusie. When he sees her boat explode and finds himself in the role of her savior, he’s more than happy to include her as a welcome pawn in his game of destruction.

Tally might be plain, polite, afraid of the dark and one bad singer when in danger, but she doesn’t mind fighting her own battles—her biggest that of her reconciliation with her father. So when Michael threatens to take over her life with his strong sexual appeal and growing desire, she is wary. She has no need for a rugged pirate, a wounded warrior, a restless soul. Her wandering days are over, thank you very much.

In Too Deep is exhilarating and VERY sexy. Once more Cherry Adair created a larger than life hero, a hero who sweeps away his heroine in an adventure filled with danger, sex and eventually love. And the very often-crude language adds to the honest picture of Michael. The writing voice, refreshing and real, provides a sense of freedom and fun. Its offbeat humor and raw sensuality are given free rein and, unlike in her category titles, Ms. Adair seems to unleash her own personality. It definitely feels true to her voice and her previous single title releases.

Cherry Adair takes no prisoners with her writing. She is out for the kill, writing with no mercy, but with obvious enjoyment. No chance for those much-needed breaks! This is to be read in one sitting. And unlike in her previous book, Hide & Seek, Ms. Adair trusts in the power of foreplay, making In Too Deep a very sensual experience, and I promise you, a very sexual one, too.

So if you can put up with crude language, some very hot sex and a high dead body count, join this fast paced roller coaster ride of a romance novel. Run not walk to the stores! Buy, beg or borrow your copy of Cherry Adair’s In Too Deep!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Kris Alice.

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