by Evangeline Anderson

May 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-143-9
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The men in Stephan Lovare’s family have been cursed for generations, doomed to fall in love with a woman who will not love them back. It has been foretold that Stephan will have the potential to break the curse if he can find the right woman – a woman who can accept the three bites required to bind her to his side.

Alissa O’Malley wakes up late on the day of her twenty-fifth birthday. She finds an eviction notice on her door, gets a ticket on the way to work for an accident that wasn’t her fault, and gets transferred to the psychiatric wing of the hospital, a job she neither wants nor is trained to handle. After her shift is over she wants nothing more than to crawl into bed, but her grandmother is expecting her for dinner. Her night deteriorates from there when her grandmother Pomeranian bites her on the finger. She’s had a fear of dogs since being bitten as a child.

That night she dreams of a man chained to the walls of a cell by silver shackles. He recognizes her as the woman he’s been searching for, but before he can explain anything to her, she is jerked away by her alarm clock. She wakes to find her eyes and hair have changed radically, as well as her attitude. Over the next few days she begins to speak her mind at work, and finally has enough from her boss and tells her off before quitting. Her whole life is in turmoil and she doesn’t understand what is happening.

While out later that evening, she finds herself being stalked by two wolves and then rescued by a third larger one. Understandably confused when it turns into the man from her dreams, she still takes him home with her. He explains how she is part of a prophecy and destined to be his mate. She may find him attractive, but she’s not interested in being bitten again and turning furry every month. Alissa will have to make a choice and Stephan can only hope she makes it before it’s too late.

While not a humorous story, there are definitely some light hearted scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Alissa finally stand up for herself and to see her gain some confidence. Stephan is a tortured hero willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for love.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Jackie.

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