by Lori Copeland

December 2006
ISBN: 0-373-78572-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Steeple Hill
Trade Paperback

Note: Originally published as Bridal Lace and Buckskin in 1996, Ivy Publishers. This is an expanded story line.

Amarillo, Texas 1898

Vonnie Taylor has just agreed to sew the wedding dress of Beth Baylor. Beth is marrying Adam Baldwin, Vonnieís ex-husband. Seven years ago, Vonnie and Adam had eloped, after the ceremony Vonnie had second thoughts. She was afraid her father would never forgive her for marrying the son of the man he had an ongoing feud with for 30 odd years. Vonnie could never figure out what the feud was about, she thought it was odd, since her father and Adamís father were in the Civil War together. She would keep her true feelings to herself, since she did not want to hurt Beth in any way.

Adam Baldwin was marrying Beth for the land she would bring into his family. Love had nothing to do with it. He still had strong feelings for Vonnie, even though she was the one who insisted he annul their marriage seven years ago. He has also tried to get his father to tell him what prompted the feud with Vonnieís father, but he refused to discuss it.

Vonnie and Adam are determined to make the best of a terrible situation without revealing how they truly feel about each other. They donít want anyone to get hurt, especially Beth. They also donít want their fathers to know, it just might cause a bigger rift between the two men. They are both determined to find what happened; they just donít know how they will accomplish this.

Yellow Rose Bride is a wonderful book by a gifted author. Even though this was previously published, the storyline has been expanded and updated for the inspirational genre. It is definitely a worthwhile read.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pat.

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