by Melissa James

February 2007
ISBN: 0-373-03936-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Jake Connors believes he killed his wife. After all, maybe if hed been there earlier when she delivered their first child, maybe shed still be alive. As it was she was miles from help in the Outback of Australia and in the midst of a severe storm. There was nothing that could be done. Jenni and their daughter died. And Jake ran from the memories.

Laila Robbins has loved the brooding Jake since the moment she laid eyes on him. Years younger than Jake, she is working toward her university degree. But one fateful night in Jakes arms leaves her pregnant...and hoping for a future with Jake. Something more than the one night stand she seemed.

Jakes reaction is less, and more, than Laila expects. In one breath hes telling her to get lost, to go away and grow up. In another breath hes saying that hes the babys father and hell give her a marriage of convenience. The last thing Laila wants. Will Jake force Laila to marry him and thus face his demons, or will he take the opportunity to run before its too late?

Outback Baby Miracle is an untamed romance set in an untamed land. The characters are realistic, in a way, but so far removed from everything Im familiar with, I found it hard to relate. Jake is brooding and even unkind to Laila, yet she goes out of her way to seduce him, to make him desire her.

The setting is adequately described. Somewhat familiar with Australia, I could almost picture the areas she mentions in the story. I hoped that Jake and Laila would work out their differences and be able to make things right, for the baby, but also for a chance at happiness.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Laura.

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