by Edith Layton

December 2006
ISBN: 0-06-075786-8
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Mass Market Paperback

All I can say is this....I LOVED this book...what fun!

Lord Constantine Wylde is so straightlaced and proper, he practically squeaks when he walks. Always the gentleman, there has never been any scandal attached to his name and he is loved by every one in the ton. Now that it is time for him to find a suitable gentlewoman to wed, he chooses the perfect wel-bred, well-behaved lady who is as proper as Constantine himself.

But little does he know that there is someone waiting for him to return from his celebrations on becoming bethrothed. Walking into his home, he is dismayed to discover a fierce, aging pirate pointing a gun at him and demanding what is any one's guess, as he has never laid eyes on this old gent before. But, this sly pirate brings shocking news...that Constantine is already his granddaughter, Lisabeth Bigod.

In a nut shell, this is the story he told...when Con and Lisabeth's father's were young men, they were the best of friends and swore that their children, if born a boy and a girl, would marry, and so, Con's father promised Lisabeth's father that he would marry her at the proper time.

Con decides to investigate this supposed betrothal a little and suddenly finds himself immersed in a family history that he never knew about, pirates, highwaymen, murder...his world has just been turned upside-down. And to top it all off, Lisabeth is enchanting, innocent and the granddaughter of a pirate. Lordy, what's he to do now?

What a fun story. I couldn't put this book down. Edith Layton has created such warm and lovable characters, you'll feel pulled right into their lives and enjoy walking in their shoes. Beautiful scenery, fun and quirky secondary characters and a hero and heroine to fall in love with, what more could you ask for in your romance? Oh, and let's not forget passion. Con can't seem to control himself when Lisabeth is around and when he finally lets loose his inner deamon' out...the pages farily burst into flames.

This is one of my top picks for your fall and winter reading. It will surely warm your insides on a cold and dreary night. So, put on your warm woolies, grab a cup of hot tea and some chocolates and lose youself in a world of pirates, love and romance that will make your toes curl in your fuzzy slippers.

Happy reading!!

Reviewed in November 2006 by Debbie.

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