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October 2006
ISBN: 1597893668
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing
Trade Paperback

Chance Adventure - by Cathy Marie Hake

1874, Reliable, California, Salt Lick Holler, Kentucky

Logan Chance wants an adventure. It is not going to happen in Reliable, California. He decides he will go to Salt Lick Holler, Kentucky. He does have kin there, due to the fact Daniel, his brother, married Lovejoy, a woman from there.

Hattie Thalis is the local healer in Salt Lick Holler. She is both happy and somewhat sad to hear they will have the Chance brothers staying with them. She is fearful of getting involved with another man. She was hurt extremely bad once before. She also believes she is not a whole woman, as she can not bear children.

As Hattie and Logan get to know each other, feelings come to the surface. Hattie knows there will be problems, for one, she is the local healer, the people depend on her, how can she up and leave these wonderful souls? Logan knows he wants Hattie in his life, he just does not know if it should be here in Kentucky or back home with all of his brothers in Reliable, California.

Hattie and Logan will have to rely on their faith to help them make the right decisions.

Chance of a Lifetime - by Kelly Eileen Hake

1874, Salt Lick Holler, Kentucky

Daisy Thalis has had more than her fair share of hard knocks; her husband died just months before their child was born, she gave birth alone; her son Jamie was born palsied and now her house has burned down. She is grateful Hattie and the Widow Hendrick took her and Jamie in during her time of need, she feels she needs to do something to change her situation. She does notlike having to accept charity, even from dear friends.

Bryce Chance wants to reach out to Daisy. He has done wonders for Jamie. He has shown him how to do some chores on the farm, which Bryce feels will help with the palsy. Daisy has resisted his help for herself. He needs to do something to help Daisy get over the fear of letting people help her.

Daisy and Bryce knows he will be leaving in the spring to Reliable. Daisy does have feelings for Bryce, as he does for her. She thinks it is only because of the troubles she has and because of her sonís condition. Bryce has to get Daisy to believe him his feelings for her and Jamie are the real deal. He has to do it before he leaves.

Daisy and Bryce will also have to rely of their faith to get through this.

Last Chance - by Cathy Marie Hake

1872, Salt Lick Holler and Reliable, California

Lovejoy Spencer is planning on taking the women to California to meet their future husbands. She is only staying long enough to make sure this is what they want. She hadnít planned on Daniel Chance and his two daughters to upset those plans.

Daniel Chance thinks Lovejoy is just there to also find herself a husband. He has no plans on being that man. He had a wife, she died, and he has been trying to take care of his daughters himself, with help from his brothers and their wives. In his book, he does not need a woman to help.

Lovejoy and Daniel both think the wrong things about each other. Lovejoy tries to tell Daniel she is not interested in a husband, she had one, does not want another. She only wants to be here long enough to make sure the women are properly married. Daniel of course does not believe her. They both need to listen to what each other is saying; instead they only hear what they think they want to hear.

Can these two people realize they need each other before time runs out. Can Daniel love another woman without tarnishing the love he had for his first wife.

This couple will also have to rely on their faith to have a future.

I enjoy all three stories. The Chance brothers first appeared in the anthology, California Chances, it was a pleasure to be with this group of people again. The reader is transported back in time when people had few choices, but were able to create a life for themselves and their loved ones.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Pat.

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