by Tori Carrington

June 2006
ISBN: 0-373-83711-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Tori Carrington’s writing has always made me wonder where she gets these great ideas for her books. In Seducing McCoy, there are two romances that will make you stop doing everything else once you pick up the book. You Only Love Once and Never Say Never Again will show you that some men and woman will do everything they can to ignore what thier hearts tell them.

In You Only Love Once Kelli Hatfield has returned to Washington, DC after several years with the New York City Police Department. The night before she is to report to her new job with the DC police she feels it is time to just let go and has some fun. Kelli is out playing pool and meets up with sexy David McCoy. Throwing caution to the win she figures why not, and goes for a one-night stand.

David McCoy is known as a heart breaker. He is the type that loves them and leaves them. No commitment is his idea of playing it safe. There is no risk to a one-night stand. Well at least he thinks so!

The next day David will be meeting his new partner having no idea who that might be. And guess who walks in? None other than Kelli Hatfield, herself. David and Kelli decide that it is best to forget the night before. But really neither of them can. David feels he must do whatever he can to protect Kelli on the streets, even when she goes undercover. What will it take for the two of them to realize it is not just sex that they are feeling for each other?


In Never Say Never Again Bronte O’Brien was never one to make herself up with makeup or care about what she wore and has been a wallflower most of her life. She was once engaged to a man that she thought was wonderful and also was a lawyer just like herself. Unknown to her the man was already married. Bronte works for the U.S. Attorney’s office and she helps to build cases against criminals to take them to trial. She never thought the day would come that she would have to help build a case against a man who worked for the U.S. Marshal’s office. Connor McCoy was on the run for a crime he says he did not commit. Connor is David’s older brother and Bronte is Kelli’s best friend.

What was not expected between the two is the attraction they have for each other. Conner is one who is very independent and this attraction to Bronte is only a sexual thing. As for Bronte she is not ready for any type of relationship.

Will each person realize that love is there and accept it? Will Connor and David come to know that you heart does not work with what you might think is the facts? How about Kelli and Bronte? How long will they fight the attraction that includes not just lust but a heart full of love?

This husband and wife team knows how to write a love story that will keep you turning each page and wonder about the next McCoy in the story. Once you read this you will find yourself going back and looking for other books by this team. This is a keeper for me.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Theresa.

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