by Judy Gill

June 2001
ISBN: 1-58749-111-7
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Hennessy's Heaven begins with a pleasant, humorous, and sexy description of the heroine through the eyes of Hennessy, the hero, as he watches her approach him. It's a great way to begin a romance novel, especially since Hennessy's inner voice as he looks the woman over quickly got my attention with his curiosity and his attention to detail. The book then moves on to the point of view of the woman, Heaven. Heaven is clearly scared of something or someone enough to have run away to the isolated island where Hennessy lives and doesn't exactly take too kindly to Hennessy's presence.

It turns out that Heaven, or Venny to just about everybody but Hennessy, is afraid of her ex-husband for reasons unknown and is hiding out on her aunts' property to avoid dealing with him. She seems absolutely terrified of even the idea of seeing him. Unfortunately, Hennessy happens to look a lot like her ex, but despite Heaven's reluctance to get involved with him, Hennessy pursues her anyway. To add to the mess, Hennessy is keeping a secret from her; he isn't actually just the caretaker of her aunts' property, he's also a famous mystery writer.

So the stage is set for a tension-filled, romantic tale of two people struggling over various obstacles to come together in every way imaginable and the next few chapters had me just about riveted to my computer, smiling foolishly the whole time. Hennessy is a great leading man; his sense of humor (as well as the description of his muscles) is captivating. Heaven was less interesting as a narrator, and I actually wish I'd been given more of a chance to get to know her. But her lack of a strong personality was one of the many disappointments of this book.

It's sad to say that all the lovely tension and potential obstacles for the couple fizzle out by the second half of novel, the storyline involving Heaven's ex-husband being the most obvious example. I don't want to give away much, but I was expecting a major confrontation. Instead everything is wrapped up quickly and some seemingly random threats are thrown in to keep the story going-though these are speedily resolved as well. And there simply isn't enough character development for Heaven for me to fully believe the ending.

But overall the story was cute and entertaining and made me smile. If you're not used to reading much online, it might not be worth it to buy this e-book. It's fun, and light to read, but not something that I'd keep on my shelf, or in this case, print out.

Reviewed in January 2002 by Wendy.

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