by Jessica Inclan

October 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-8082-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Trade Paperback

Jessica Inclan’s latest book, Reason to Believe, continues the story of the Les Croyant de Trois, and the internal power struggle between these magical people and those who would use their gifts to rule the world. This book, the second in the trilogy, is the story of Rufus Valasay and Fabia Fair.

When Fabia saw the unkempt man sitting on the sidewalk outside her home, she felt a need to offer him some help. He was so alone, and obviously in distress, that even warnings from her brother Niall could not deter Fabia from assisting him. It quickly became evident that he had suffered a severe trauma and had amnesia. Fabia could also tell that he was no threat to her, and opened her home to him. As one of the Croyant who believed that the magical and mortal worlds should be integrated, she hoped that she would be able to find out who he was, and reconnect him with his family.

She was stunned to learn that he was also Croyant. Whoever had rendered him so weak had been truly powerful, and dangerous. When she finds out that her former teacher is involved, she is determined to help.

While Reason to Believe is well-written and brings more detail to the world Ms. Inclan has created, there was a major stumbling block in my appreciation of the tale. This book preceeds When You Believe in chronology, and should have been released first. The trilogy would have been much stronger for it, in my opinion. By the time we get this book, Rufus and Fabia are already established as a couple, and we are learning their history out of synch. I have high hopes that the final book in the series, Believe In Me, will be a fitting ending to the trilogy.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Paula.

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