by Diana Holquist

September 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61797-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Trade Paperback

Cecelia Burns is sure her life is finally on track. She’s an up and coming cardiologist, she’s engaged to be married, and her past seems far, far behind her. Unfortunately, her life comes crashing to a halt the night of her engagement party when her sister Amy shows up.

Cecelia and Amy haven’t seen each other in ten years. Cecelia has been quite happy with that arrangement. Amy however has plans of her own. Cecelia can’t marry Jack, her fiancé, because Cecelia’s One True Love is out there, waiting for her, and dying…

Psychic Amy has the power to hear the name of a person’s One True Love. Cecelia wants no part in Amy’s powers and she has no plans to drop Jack to find her One True Love, a man named Finn Franklin Concord. But Amy tries to convince her otherwise; after all, the man is dying…

Finn Concord is struggling to raise his daughter, Maya, and to make a life for them after the death of his beloved wife. It’s hard but he’s trying. Trying so hard in fact that he gives in to Maya’s pleas to go to Baltimore for the summer to visit her rent-a-granny, Trudy. Finn agrees and off they go to Baltimore…where Finn is about to encounter more than Maya’s Granny Trudy. He’s about to meet his One True Love…

Make Me a Match is an attention-grabbing debut! Diana Holquist had me hooked from the moment the staid and respectable Cecelia clashed with the wild and crazy Amy. Talk about a battle of wills!

If you enjoy stories where character development is right on par with sizzling romance, Make Me a Match will be the perfect match for you! Every character in this story experiences some kind of growth and change, whether it is Cecelia, who has to learn to accept and embrace her past, or Finn, who has to let go of past anxieties to enjoy the new chance of love before him. Even the wacky Amy has some development in this story.

Added to the wonderful characters is the unique and exuberant plot. With every curveball and quirk Ms. Holquist creates, she builds the anticipation higher and higher in this story until it comes to a climactic and memorable crescendo.

A distinctive plot, smooth dialogue, and engaging and dynamic characters make Make Me a Match some of the most memorable writing that has appeared on the contemporary romance shelves in a long time. Get your hands on this story!

Reviewed in October 2006 by Sarah.

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