by Cheyenne McCray, Mackenzie McKade

August 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0687-9
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Kalina served the kings of Tarok well. She has made sure they secured their mates and that their families flourished. Love is not in the cards for the alluring sorceress – or is it. Prince Eral of Atlantis, a werefin, entices her the way no man ever has before. She finds it hard to resist the lure of his desire. A creature of land may desire a creature of the sea but where would they live. Still, Kalina’s visions draw her to the underwater realm of Atlantis when a relentless evil sets it sights on the underwater realm.

Eral knows Kalina is his ideal mate. As powerful as she is, there is an air of vulnerability about her. He is determined to win her heart and dispel her fears about his home beneath the sea. When Kalina brings word of a deadly threat against his people; Eral, once known as a playboy prince, dons the unexpected mantle of responsibility.

Return to Wonderland for Kalina’s Discovery of the mystical power of love. Once again Cheyenne McCray and Mackenzie MacKade team up to take you back to their land of wonder, magic and fierce dark passions. Kalina and Eral compliment each other very nicely. The action of this story flies along like a tiger chasing its prey. It will leave you breathless.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Cynthia.