by Leslie Kelly

October 2006
ISBN: 0-373-79284-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Asking for Trouble once again centers around a member of the Santori family. Itís also connected to Here Comes Trouble, which first introduced us to the small town of Trouble, Pennsylvania. Lottie Santori is working on a research paper about a 20th century serial killer who used to own and live at Seaton House, a hotel in Trouble. Her boss made the reservations months ago, and when she sets out on her drive there, she never expects their to be a problem

Writer Simon Lebeaux is living at Seaton House after inheriting it following his uncleís death a few months earlier. He has closed the hotel down and made it abundantly clear to the locals that he doesnít wish to be bothered. Heís trying to deal with demons from his past, as well as migraines. Simon also begins to wonder if heís losing his mind when unexplainable things keep happening in the house.

Their first impressions of each other arenít exactly flattering, and Simon has no desire for company, but Lottie tricks him into letting her stay the first night. Once she reveals her subject matter he finds himself interested in the subject as well and agrees to let her stay a few more days. Lottie may have come there to do research, but after meeting Simon she wants nothing more than to see him healthy and happy. She wouldnít mind seeing him naked either. Lottie hasnít had much luck with the opposite sex thanks to four older and very over protective brothers.

It was fun to be back in Trouble, even if we didnít get to revisit with many of the characters from the previous book. However the Santoris were well represented, and the strength and love of their family is always a joy to witness. Unfortunately we have to wait until next summer to visit again with the Santoriís and more of the Taylor boys in Trouble.

Reviewed in September 2006 by Jackie.

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