by Jenna Mills

August 2002
ISBN: 0-373-27240-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1170
Mass Market Paperback

With her second release, Jenna Mills might have had to fight her hero Liam Armstrong all through her writing process, but When Night Falls shows that the victor of the battle is the reader, reading this intense, very dark and very passionate story. Iím not a reader of dark romance novels. I tend to like them light and funny. However, Jenna Mills has a strong writing voice that is hard to resist, writing books that Iím loath to put down.

Wealthy entrepreneur Liam Armstrongís teenage daughter is missing. And with a shady past and a bad relationship with the police, itís no wonder that he is tempted to take the law in his own hands. But then there is Detective Jessica Clarke. Not only is she the brightest star on the police force, but also the daughter of his old nemesis. The daughter of the man whose mission it was to see him in prison.

With no other way out than accepting the policeís help, Liam is not asking but demanding Jessicaís support. Not an easy task with someone as strong, controlled and attractive as Liam. But Jessica is not someone to give up or back down. She is intelligent and confident. And she knows what it feels like to grow up as the daughter of a prominent man.

However, itís an immense job to not only find a missing teenager but also to tame the father. Though Liam is afraid for his daughter, that doesnít mean he canít see what a desirable woman Jessica is. Struggling to keep his emotions and passions under control, he loses the battle when she reaches out in compassion and warmth.

When Night Falls is fast paced, driven, unforgiving in its intensity, highly sensual and emotionally very satisfying. Itís beautiful to read in its subtle symbolism and with its perfect bad boy heroódescribed as bohemian and dangerous. Jenna Millsí second Silhouette Intimate Moments release is a highly charged and unforgettable story. Her characters might be fighting her every step of the way, but I wonít. And I urge you, too, to succumb to her stories!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Kris Alice.

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