by Bella Andre

December 2006
ISBN: 1-4165-2417-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

Author Bella Andre takes readers on a trip through Napa Valley in her new collection of novellas. Three young women on a weekend spa retreat find life-changing adventure and fever-inducing romance amid the rolling hills of wine country.

Carrie Anderson desperately needs this weekend with the girls. She is horribly conflicted about her decision to reject a marriage proposal. Her boyfriend, James, is everything she wanted – handsome, rich, and successful. Why did the thought of marrying him turn her blood to ice? When she takes a walk through a local vineyard, she meets Tyson Green, a local vintner who knows a woman’s body as well as he does a fine chardonnay. Will the fire between them be enough to convince Carrie that she has found the right man?

Rose Morgan is glad to be spending the weekend away from her apartment in the city. She needs some time to get over her split with Elliot. What hurt the most was seeing him the next day with a pencil-thin woman on his arm. Rose is planning some serious self-improvement and the spa regimen is the perfect start. Why would fate torture her with cooking lessons from a local chef? The last thing she needs is to be around food! Chef Jack Gerard is worried about the classes too. The last thing he needs is some anorexic model who won’t appreciate his culinary skills. When he discovers that the sinfully curved Rose is his guest apprentice, all bets are off.

Vanessa Collins knew that her friends really needed to get away this weekend. Personally, she did not understand Carrie’s refusal to marry that filthy-rich boyfriend of hers, or why Rose was taking Elliot’s defection so hard. She keeps her relationships with men at an emotional distance, preferring the pleasures of the flesh over the heartache. Used to turning heads, she wonders why she doesn’t feel the rush that the attention usually gives her. She is strangely discontent, and decides to go for a run. Her path takes her to a local gallery, where the portrait in the window catches her attention. She has to have it. When the artist refuses to sell it, Vanessa knows that she must offer something more than money. Sam Marshall envisions Vanessa on canvas the moment she walks into the gallery. When their negotiations turn unconventional, Sam gets his wish – three days of total obedience while he feeds his muse. Vanessa is hoping for something besides the painting, but Sam’s rule about not sleeping with his models may be hard to overcome.

Ms. Andre’s deft touch with erotic imagery is on target in Tempt Me, Taste Me, Touch Me. The sensual atmosphere is a verdant background for the heat that rolls from these pages. Readers will be hard-pressed to find one story that stands out in this collection, as all three women find their lives forever changed.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Paula.

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