by Savannah Jordan

July 2006
ISBN: 0-9787401-5-7
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In Sacrilegious, Savannah Jordan brings the reader three stories of love with ancient Egyptian deities…

In Pursuit of Prey kicks off the anthology. Sekhmet is the goddess of sexual heat. On the prowl she seeks the one man who can make her purr, she finds him in the form of Mace. A singer with a band, Sekmet seduces Mace with a decadent dance. Unable to resist her, Mace is lost in a haze of sexual passion until tragedy strikes, and Mace cannot accept the differences between them. What they both cannot deny is their true feelings. Will their love be able conquer the divide between a mortal and a goddess?

The second story, From the Sands, is the story of Anubis, god of the dead. Breaching the veil he allows himself one night of passion with Bianca at a hotel that allows him to slip through the veil between the realms. Unable to forget her passionate encounter, Bianca sets out to research Anubis, hoping to find a way to bring him back to her. The only way is through dreams or death. In the end Bianca makes the ultimate sacrifice for the love of a god.

Divine Intervention wraps up this debut novel. Maxim is a struggling writer. Sitting as his computer screen, the ideas just won’t come. He has lost his muse. Sesha is the goddess of writing, visiting Maxim in a local bar, seducing him into her bed, she returns to Maxim the one thing he lost – his muse. By teaching him passion and love, she reinvigorates his career, and his emotions. Despite success, there is one thing maxim wants more than fame and that is the love of his goddess.

Savannah Jordan’s Sacrilegious is a book filled with three tales of passion, love and sacrifice. Each story takes you a journey back to the Egypt of the gods and goddess, an Egypt that Ms. Jordan evokes with spellbinding narrative. This reviewer’s favourite tale was From the Sands, the ending with Bianca and Anubis finding true love brought a tear to my eye. Packed with heady sensuality, Sacrilegious will make you want to be seduced by your very own Egyptian god. Despite this, I found the characters to be underdeveloped, in part due to the restrictions on the length of each story.

Very well written, Sacrilegious is a stunning debut from Savannah Jordan. Decadent and sensual, this book is worth a read, especially if you have a passion for ancient deities.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Donna.

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