by Julie Moffett

September 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7271-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Is it too early in this review to declare myself satisfied? Well, I am.

The worry had been that the author, Julie Moffett might not be able to pull everything together to give this series the ending it needed to be worthwhile. Well, any doubts I may have had have been put to rest. Although, To Touch The Sky is a bit rough around the edges, it delivers.

The third and final book of The MacIness Legacy, a three part series by sisters Julie and Sandy Moffett, To Touch The Sky focuses largely on the third MacIness sister, Gillian Saunders and her hero, Spencer Reeves. Immediately upon being introduced to Spencer and Gillian, I liked them. Both are intelligent, earnest, relatively open-minded people who strive to do whatís right. J. Moffett uses the first two-thirds of To Touch The Sky to establish Gillian and Spencerís relationship and to introduce and develop the characters around, and closes to, them. She very carefully keeps the aspects of the story pertaining to the Legacy and the curse in the background, foreshadowing them so the readers donít forget about them but allowing time for readers to know and love Gillian and Spencer before all the craziness begins.

Once their relationship is set on the right path, the focus shifts to Gillian reuniting with her sisters, whose books preceded this one, and her biological mother.

Ms. Moffett does her best to make short work of the retelling of the legacy and the curse. Newcomers to the series will find the information given necessary to understanding the book while readers of the previous books wonít get bored. Once Gillian and Spencer get over the shock of finding out sheís a witch and a triplet, oh and that unless they break the curse heíll die, the jump right into the preparations for the battle to come and things progress quickly.

I very much enjoyed this book and finally finding out what happens when the sisters are reunited. However, it was a little anticlimactic. I expected something more... lightning, thunder, maybe a blast of power, something to mark such a momentous and long awaited occasion. Barring that, having Bridget and Alexandra (Gillianís sisters) save her from bad guy, Jack Soward, and knock him around with a bit of magic was a nice touch for their first meeting.

The battle with the MacIness enemies is suitably thrilling. No holds or spells barred. I loved it. My major complaint, however, is that the villains werenít suitably punished for their crimes. In my opinion, the punishment they did receive was barely more than a slap on the wrist.

Ms. Moffett adds a wonderful touch to the story by taking the time to develop Gillianís brother, Lemuel as a character. Allowing readers to connect with him and then giving him his own surprising and touching happily ever after.

By the time all the hoopla is done and the focus swings back to Gillian and Spencer, readers will be satisfied that despite the slight roughness of J. Moffettís writing style, she did a wonderful job ending this series and made not only To Touch The Sky worth the time taken to read it, but the time spent on the preceding books in the series, Light A Single Candle and Call Down The Night, time well spent.

Reviewed in August 2002 by JaToya.

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