by Tori Carrington

January 1999
ISBN: 0-373-25816-x
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #716
Mass Market Paperback

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I was pleasently surprised to come across a new Tori Carrington book a couple of weeks ago. Actually Constant Craving is this writing duo's very first book (there's two persons behind Tori Carrington!) and one that I had somehow missed.

Constant Craving tells us the story of Adam Grayson and Eva Burgess. Adam is an under cover FBI agent with the financial crimes unit. He is undercover at the CPA firm where Eva works and is trying to nail her boss for tax evasion. Adam has also been lusting after Eva, his boss for the three weeks that he has been there. She is the star of all his fantasies these days. Too bad she sees him as just another nerdy computer geek accountant he is pretending to be.

Eva has problems of her own. Pregnant and newly divorced, Eva finds herself having to make a trip home to Louisiana to visit her "sick" father. Her mother has indicated to her that her father is on his deathbed and she should come quickly. The big problem is Eva has no husband to take with her. Her parents aren't aware of her recent divorce or her pregnancy. Eva needs a weekend "husband" she can take home and whom her family will hate and want out of her life... making the divorce easier for them to handle. She propositions Adam and he accepts without too much coaxing. Eva just hadn't thought she would find herself attracted to someone like Adam.

Constant Craving was a pleasent discovery for this reader. The authors created a story line that was fast paceed, touching and, at times, humorous. It is hard to believe that this book was by first time authors - it was so well written.

As I discovered in my recent interview with the authors of this book, they have indeed been writing for some time before this book sold. Their years of hard work has certainly paid off! Harlequin sure picked a winner for their lineup when they signed Tori Carrington! It is also hard for me to believe that Tori Carrington has only been published for three and a half years. With each new book, I am assured of a great fast paced compelling story along with steamy sexual encounters that have become the Tori Carrington hallmark.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Barbara.

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