by Linda Lael Miller

November 2006
ISBN: 0-373-77141-X
Reviewer Graphic Button HQN
Trade Paperback

Linda Lael Millerís Deadly Gamble takes readers on a fast-paced, wild ride. Miller proves once again why is she is one of Americaís best loved romance authors. This book has it all murder, love, and even a few ghosts!

Mojo Sheepshanks is a tough, brave, and inventive woman; who just happens to also see dead people. What a burden to carry especially when the dead man she sees is her ex-husband Nick! And things just keep on getting better; when Nick tells her he canít move on until Mojo forgives him for his betrayals. Mojo thinks things canít get an worse and then she discovers that she is being stalked by a murderer. In the midst of all of this what is a girl to do but turn to a handsome undercover cop and that is just what Mojo does. Tucker Darroch is an undercover cop who just canít help but fall in love with tough Mojo. However, her interesting friends and family do at time give him pause. Especially when they are involved in his case as they are this time.

Deadly Gamble is wonderful story with a great paranormal twist. Mojo has faced many challenges in her life and this helps the reader connect with her. Tucker is the all American hero that readers love to fall in love with. He is strong and masculine but still has a wonderful soft side; that makes readers melt inside. Together Mojo and Tucker take readers on a wild ride that leaves readers wanting more. It is a good thing Miller is giving Mojo and Tucker their own series! Deadly Gamble is a sure bet for romance readers!

Reviewed in June 2007 by Jen.

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