by Jo Ann Ferguson

July 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7310-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

This is the second book in the Haven series. The first being Twice Blessed.

This story features two very different characters in the hero and heroine. Rachel lives in the community of River Haven. This community has their own laws and beliefs; marriages are contracted for a year only; and children live with their mother only until their 7th birthday, after which they are sent to a community similar to a boarding school.

Wyatt is sailor and a free spirit. He does not trust the Community and wants Rachel to get a place in Haven where he can spend time with her when he is ashore.

This relationship looks like a non-starter but Rachelís adopted daughter, nicknamed Kitty Kat, adores Wyatt and keeps sneaking off to see him so Rachel has to go and fetch her back. This entails her meeting Wyatt and the attraction between them becomes stronger with each meeting. The Community does not want this and they set out to separate the couple. With a whole town in their way, no wonder their path of true love is a real rocky one! Danger lurks for both Wyatt and Rachel around every corner.

The book shows the good and bad points of a closed community like River Haven. The people of Haven itself distrust their ways. The Community do not want their members to mix outside of their own which harbours this distrust. On the other hand, women can work alongside the men and are respected for the work they do.

Kitty-Kat is a lovely little girl with whom the reader is sure to fall for. She plays a large part in the story and her links to Haven mean the two communities are connected well through her. While she adores Wyatt, Wyatt has another ally in his partner Horace. He is a wonderful and interesting character in his own right, who is a born sailor.

The reader gets to meet old friends, like Emma and Noah Sawyer, whose own romance was featured in Twice Blessed. A very enjoyable read, which makes me look forward to the next book set in Haven.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Mary.

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