by Stephanie Rowe

November 2006
ISBN: 0-446-61767-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

To what lengths would you go to have sex? For Theresa, she would make a deal with the devil. For the self-proclaimed Queen of the Sluts it had been too long since her last romp between the sheets. There were factors, however, preventing a more promiscuous lifestyle. Theresa was a dragon, a dragon that couldn’t change into a human. It was Mona’s fault. Mona, AKA the Goblet of Eternal Youth, was in hiding as an espresso machine. Theresa drank from Mona while still in dragon form thus becoming an immortal dragon unable to change. So, for two hundred years Theresa had been removed from the public eye. Humans had difficulty accepting the existence of dragons. Her only company being Justine, who was gone on her honeymoon, and Zeke, Theresa’s cyber lover. Suddenly, Zeke became insistent about meeting her. He threatened to ‘break-up’ with her if she didn’t meet him in person. She was willing to do anything to make sure he didn’t abandon her. Even go so far as to make a deal with Satan.

Zeke Siccardi’s dragon-slaying days were over. He’d packed away his slayer armor a long time ago. He made his living now as a private detective. His current case was finding a missing person: Theresa Nichols. Over the past six months Zeke had wooed her online and gaining her trust while providing his client with a missing heiress. If Zeke believed his wild days were truly over he’d better be prepared for the shock of a lifetime because Theresa Nichols was no ordinary lady. She was a dragon and she had some hot plans for the dragon slayer.

Must Love Dragons is a hilarious mixture of romantic comedy and adventure. Theresa, the dragon after Zeke’s own heart, encounters obstacle after obstacle when all she really wants is to stay alive...and eat pretzels. Between fighting their out-of-control chemistry and their ingrained urge to kill each other, the two manage to out-wit Satan, save the Goblet of Eternal Youth, and beat all the bad guys who are chasing them. Debts owed and deals made try to hinder ‘T’ and Zeke, but don’t count love out yet. When all is said and done it is the only thing that truly matters.

A fun diversion packed chock full of action, Must Love Dragons is book two in the Goblet of Eternal Youth series.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Rho.

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