by Rachel Gibson

August 2001
ISBN: 0-380-81438-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

What is it about small towns that inspire alien stories? Well, Hope Spencer is about to find out….

Hope is a tabloid paper writer; she mostly invents stories about aliens and she's really good at it. The trouble is that no one else understands the kind of job she does, so she prefers to keep mum about it. Her creative well has pretty much dried up, so her publisher sends her to Gospel, Idaho to recuperate and hope that the mountains inspire more of her popular brand of "reporting". She eventually finds her much needed inspiration through the local townsfolk and pens stories such as "Bizarre Cult Eats Bones of Chicken" and "Alien Saboteurs Hide Within the High Mountains of Idaho" with interestingly morphed pictures to go along with them.

Sheriff Dylan Taber is the good-looking single dad that every eligible desperate woman in Gospel is after. He has women baking him cakes and offering him conversations through the "bone phone"; so far, he's maintained an upstanding (albeit celibate) life in Gospel and he's not about to set a bad example for the town, not to mention his 7 year-old son, by casually cavorting around with women. Hope, however, turns his resolutions upside down and before they know it, they're in a relationship… sort of. There are kinks to be ironed and secrets to be revealed, all of which involves his son, her job, a woman with "man-hands" and a midget wrestler.

It wouldn't be a Rachel Gibson without some quirky characters and snappy dialogue and True Confessions has both! Hope and Dylan are two likeable and sexy characters that entertain - the little touches here and there add to the sexual tension effectively and heightens the romance between the two. Hope and Dylan's relationship progressed nicely along as does the overall story of the book. Although the romance was fantastic (with a high "steam" factor!), the story of Hope and Dylan's "secrets" weren't particularly interesting. In addition, the people of Gospel were more like oddities and therefore merely amusing. Dylan's sudden realization of his love for Hope was too easy to be believable, along with Hope's real reason for being in Gospel and Dylan's "secret" (too contrived). However, Ms. Gibson wrapped it up nicely and quickly, in a funny but weird way, in the end.

An amusing and sexy romp, True Confessions is the perfect book to read under the shade with a tall glass of tea… very refreshing!

Reviewed in November 2001 by Veronica.

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