by Carmen Green

May 2002
ISBN: 1-58314-327-0
Reviewer Graphic Button B E T Books
Mass Market Paperback

Shayla Crawford might be a young doctor but she doesn’t have a cure for her own irresponsibility and immaturity... but her father does. Tired of her shenanigans and inability to grow up and become a responsible adult instead of a flighty society girl, Shayla’s father throws her out of the house. Breaking all lines of communication, and leaving her with nothing but a job in a struggling clinic in Alberta, Mississippi, Shayla’s father has made his position clear. Determined to show her family that she has what it takes, Shayla is sure that she can handle anything that comes her way. Until she meets fellow doctor, Jake Parker. Getting off on the wrong foot from the first meeting, Shayla has to earn the respect of her coworker — not an easy task — and soon, Shayla comes to the realization that she doesn’t just want Jake’s respect, she wants his love.

Doctor, Doctor is filled with sassy characters and pure fun! I had a difficult time putting this book down, in fact, I was late getting to work one day because I lost track of the time! LOL Right away, the readers realize that Shayla isn’t an uncaring “society girl” and that she has a true desire to fit in and grow up. Her confidence and demeanor make you like her right away and the troubles this girl gets into will have you chuckling and turning pages. Watching how the young doctor grows up, and seeing her coworkers and clients open up and respond to her was wonderfully done. A few contrived difficulties that seemed a bit too outlandish didn’t deter me from enjoying this great story that is filled with love and humor, Doctor, Doctor is definitely worth reading.

Reviewed in August 2002 by Thea.

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