by Linda Walters

July 2002
ISBN: 1-583-14355-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Arabesque Books
Mass Market Paperback

If you like to read about difficult relationships, then Linda Walters`s debut novel, On A Wing and A Prayer is the book for you. Full of relationships that are stretched and strained, this book focuses on the budding romance between media mogul Michael Townsend and flight attendant Lauren Traynor. Lauren and Michael meet on a flight between New York and Los Angeles. Michael is intrigued by Lauren, who refuses every advance he makes on the flight. Lauren, while attracted to Michael, has a strict rule - never date a passenger! Unknown to both, Lauren shares an apartment, with the sister of a fellow radio station owner. When Michael and Lauren reunite at a media party in New York, Lauren agrees to finally date Michael. But their troubles do not end there.

Lauren, afraid of commitment and relationships, continually tries to run away from Michael by changing her flight schedule and never returning his phone calls. Michael loves Lauren, but is consumed with a business venture that may be connected to the mob! Michael and his partner must discover the truth about CBN, the radio station that they want to merge with, before they are dragged in to a web of crime. Separated for weeks at a time, Lauren and Michael`s relationship begins to fall apart with an added problem... Lauren and Michael are about to become parents. Can Michael and Lauren come to terms with the problems in their lives before their baby pays the price?

On A Wing and A Prayer is an interesting novel about trying to hold a relationship together in a very busy world. Lauren and Michael are separated by both time and physical distance, with their busy lives and jobs they must learn to make time for each other and their relationship. However, I did find the happy ending difficult to believe because Michael and Lauren spent so little time together in the book. I have little faith that this relationship will last in the future. This romance provides a remarkable view of relationships today, but did not lead me to believe in the happy ending, which is the point of reading a romance, right?

Reviewed in August 2002 by Jen.

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