by Madison Hayes

August 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0723-9
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After spraining his wrist, writer Robert Brooks needs a secretary. Specifically, he wants a male secretary. Shelley August is definitely not male. In fact, she’s one hundred percent pure beautiful and sexy female and Rob wants her badly. There’s no way he can hire her for his secretary, but, against his better judgment, he does.

Shelley August is very attracted to her new employer. She has no plans to act on it though. Rob is married to erotic romance writer Bobbi Brooks, which makes him off limits to Shelley. She’ll just have to confine her lust to her dreams.

Rob wants Shelley. He hasn’t slept with a woman since 2005 and he longs for the warmth, humor and sincerity of Shelley. Unfortunately, Bobbi is standing in his way…just not in the way Shelley thinks. As they work closely together, sensuality and burgeoning emotions start to complicate matters. Is there any way these two will get their happily-ever-after with Bobbi waiting in the wings?

Miss August is another heated and tempestuous romance from Madison Hayes. Her heroes are always larger than life, her heroines always give as good as they get, and Rob and Shelley are no different. They light up the pages together as they try to avoid lust and concentrate on work. The emotional and sexual tension remains high from the first page and culminates in some very spicy intimate activities. Clever and attention grabbing dialogue makes this story a notch above the rest. Madison Hayes hits yet another high note in her writing career.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Sarah.

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