by Cindy Dees

August 2006
ISBN: 0-373-51415-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #101
Mass Market Paperback

Ana Reisner is an American art historian who works for Interpol. Her usual assignments involve cataloging art collections and identifying recovered property. She is in shock when she is hand-picked by the President of France to investigate a murder. She is even more shocked when she meets the victim – who is very much alive!

Elise Villancourt is surrounded by priceless treasures, and Ana is stunned to learn that a thief left all of them behind when he stole a small item from the Villancourt library. Elise insists that the theft of the statue will kill her, and that the thief will be her murderer, but beyond that, she will not give Ana any more assistance. Ana is intrigued by this woman, who claims to have known her grandparents, and even is a partial reason for Ana’s full name, Analise. What else does she know?

Ana sets out on the trail of the theft, only to learn that a notorious art thief, Robert Fraser, has recently arrived in Paris. Is this a coincidence? Fraser reportedly has retired from his criminal activities and has become a respected professor at Edinburgh University. If this is true, then why is he in Paris and what is his interest in the missing object?

All of the events in Haunted Echoes are tied in to the Madonna Key series, and have unexpected results. Ana and Robert must join forces as the theft foreshadows darker things to come. Characters from the first book are revisited, and future books forecast. It is an exciting novel with plenty of action and suspense, intertwined with passion.

Reviewed in August 2006 by Paula.

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