by Jackie Ivie

October 2006
ISBN: 0-8217-8012-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jackie Ivie brings us another romantic historical full of romance, mystery and wonderful characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Myles Donal has been ordered by his father to finally take his betrothed to the alter, something that Myles has been fighting not to do for years. When faced with fighting his own Honor Guard, Myles finally relents and makes the journey to claim his bride, a woman known far and wide as the ‘Harridan of the Highlands'. Caught in a terrible blizzard, battle weary and sick, Myles sees the warm glow of a light coming from a small croft in the forest. Making his way to the croft, he does the only thing that a warrior would do…break down the door and fall into a dead faint at the feet of the most beautiful angel he has ever seen!

Kendran of Eschoncan Keep cannot believe what has just happened. Here she is, minding her own business in a croft that she has been living in for several days, trying to nurse herself back to health and return home and now she has a great bear of a man lying on her floor, with steam coming from his wet, snowy clothes…and…a great hole in the wall where her door had once been! Running away from her arranged marriage and an enraged father is now coming back to haunt her. Her sister always said that she was too impulsive for her own good. Now what is she going to do? He’s a man…she hates men!!

When Myles finally becomes conscious, it’s to find that he has been nursed back to health by the angel from his dreams. Only she doesn’t turn out to be an angel. Kendran is a woman who has lost her voice to her cold, but the woman can still make it known her displeasure of his being there…it’s amazing what squeaks and hisses can be translated into! After spending time in each other’s presence, Myles comes to the conclusion that Kendran is his intended bride, which suits him just fine actually…but fate has something else in store for him and that he doesn’t like.

These two characters are perfect for each other. Each are stubborn and pig headed with a look out on life that is totally different from the other, except for one thing…she doesn’t want to marry the man she’s betrothed to and he wants to marry her, the woman he’s not betrothed to…confused? Just think how he felt! lol

This story is fun, fast paced and totally sexy. The romance and heat coming from these two characters fairly burns the pages. The setting is wonderful and very romantic, in a rustic sort of way. The secondary characters are amazing…you’ll love Myles’s horse…what a hoot! There nothing about this book that you won’t like and believe me, you’ll have a very hard time putting this book down.

This is one of my best choices for your fall reading, so grab a cup of hot tea, your warm blanket and sit down and fall in love with Myles and Kendran, you’ll be glad that you did.

Happy reading!!!

Reviewed in September 2006 by Debbie.

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