by Beverly Barton

August 2002
ISBN: 0-373-61354-7
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Mass Market Paperback

Return once again to the Lone Star Country Club continuing series with a new book that is just as great a read as Ms. Barton’s previous “LSCC: The Debutantes”.

Socialite Maddie Delarue’s “Murder Mystery Gala” has become something more than she expected. First, she’s stunned to discover the man that has just kissed her is the ‘rebel from her past’, Dylan Bridges. He’s devilishly handsome, compellingly intriguing, and out to steal her heart. Before she has time to assimilate the fact that he’s come back and the ever-so delicious way he’s making her feel with his kisses, disaster strikes a blow and things spiral out of control from there. Maddie’s life abruptly changes, and the consequences of her actions will lead her on the path to tumultuous love, whether she’s ready to accept it or not!

Dylan Bridges was once the ‘rebel bad boy’ in Mission Creek; a reputation that caused his father, the judge, to punish him by sending him to the Texas Reform Center for Boys in Amarillo when he was sixteen. Now a wealthy stockbroker, Dylan has returned home to make amends with his father. He’s also out to prove to Maddie that he’s now the very image of the ‘perfect gentleman’ she has always deemed worthy of her attention. When his father is found murdered at the party, all eyes turn to Dylan --- sure he’s the murderer because of his stormy, love-hate relationship with Carl Bridges.

Maddie’s and Dylan’s feelings for each other are tested to the limits as the murder mystery leaves everyone wondering who the killer is --- and if ‘he’ will strike again. Rumors run rampant, leaving Dylan to prove himself not only to Maddie, but to the citizens of Mission Creek also. Will the love blossoming between Maddie and Dylan be strong enough to survive the events that happen? Who is the murderer?

And in the midst of the suspense, other questions pop up. Rumors are starting to circulate about the identity of baby Lena. And, what part does Daisy Parker play in the murder of Judge Bridges?

Ms. Barton has a wonderful talent for writing suspense-romance plots that sizzle with sexual tension, riveting page-turning scenes, and characters that are portrayed to perfection.

She is always an‘auto-buy’ on this reviewer’s list and an author that I readily recommend to everyone! Don’t miss this one!

Reviewed in August 2002 by Kari.

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